Arri Alexa 35 Announced

The Arri 35 has finally been announced, and it does not disappoint.

The super 35 4.6K sensor is all new, it boasts 17 stops of dynamic range, it's much more sensitive in low light, and has new color science called "REVEAL" which will give film like highlight handling, beautiful skin tones, and richer colors.

Flug's John Engstrom got to use the camera for a few days during a job. "We didn't have time to read the manual, but - we really didn't need to - the camera is super intuitive. I really liked that my AC's didn't kick me out of the viewfinder all the time as they don't need to get into the viewfinder to change settings as there's now a window with some control on the side of the camera. At times I was kind of frustrated about full frame, we were always fighting over the K35's or we would mount a pineapple sized lens to the camera, and the budgets didn't exactly change. With this camera - it really makes some of my old favorite glass more viable again - such as Technovisions, JDC's, Kowa's, Speed Panchros, and Super Speeds. I also don't really need full frame for most projects - I really leaned into it initially, but sometimes things got a little TOO soft. I'm also really excited that I'm not limited in ISO anymore - we shot a lot at 3200, and it was extremely clean. I didn't have time to really light much, I had to work with what I had, and the camera really performed - we got all of our shots, it was super fast, I wasn't diving into crazy menus or trying to figure things out - it was kind of like an old reliable friend."

The Alexa 35 will be available at Scheimpflug when Arri begins shipping.

Image from John Engstrom's shoot of Jonzu Jones being imported into the Metaverse - shot on the Cooke Varitol 18-100MM at 3200 ISO

Video by John Engstrom