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Writing a book: about the detective genre

Besides the crime itself and its details, a good detective requires:

A criminal, yes (or a group of criminals). And it is desirable to show him at least once, in glimpses, but still. As a rule, PayForEssay a detective has an extremely limited "cast," and the reader should be able to search for the culprit himself, based on his suspicions and observations of the characters. This is an additional hook of interest.

The detective. Alone. With an assistant. With a group of assistants or colleagues. Professional. Amateur. Accidental and wishing to get at least into amateurs to begin with.

The injured party.

Witnesses. At least one who finds a dead body or reports seeing a thief.

Suspect (one or a group).

And, of course, a crime scene with elaborate details and necessary entourage.

Also, college essays for sale modern detectives are not without research laboratories, although they are optional. The ancestor of the genre, Edgar Allan Poe in Murder in the Morgue Street, did without further research and analysis, using only the observation and deduction of the detective.

After all, in the first place, the detective - a genre "for thinking": to mark the details, to create a mosaic, go down the trail ... It does not need extensive anatomical, toxicological and other knowledge. But you do need meticulous attention and analytical skills. And if you want to buy assignment write a detective, you don't have to cram anatomy or the effects of poisons. It's enough to solve the first problem: how to write a story without too much analysis. 😉

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