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Arri Releases New Accessories For Orbiter

Arri today has released three new accessories for the orbiter.

Orbiter Docking Ring - this will allow us to use Leko lenses on the Orbiter

Orbiter Bag-O-Light: Is a two meter long inflatable that will attach to the 15 degree open face optic. The diameter of the bag is 22cm and it weighs under two pounds.

Orbiter Glass Cover: Uses ultra translucent glass that allows for unrestricted light output that is ideal for a near distance application. It protects the semiconductor - but also allows for light output.

And Orbiter Dome Mini: This is a small dome which will fire light out in 360 degrees. It seems like it's going to be great for near distance scenarios.

Flug has the Arri Orbiter in stock in our Long Island City Grip House - some of the accessories are on the way, let us know which ones you think you'll use!!

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