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Parabolic Umbrellas & LEDs Are Here

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Scheimpflug carries the entire line of Parabolic umbrellas, and accessories as well as the Parabolic Omni LED for rental in NYC.

Parabolix Umbrellas & LEDs Are Here

The incredibly versatile line includes six different sized umbrellas from 20" up to 65." We have all of the various sized fabrics, and grids for them - which make this line incredibly versatile in their lighting quality.

Parabolix Umbrellas & LEDs Are Here
Parabolix 55 with the Omni LED

Many various-sizedall-arounda Parabolicfull-bodyclose-upsshrink-wrap...umbrellas are available for every imaginable use.

Parabolix 20 (51CM)

Hardest reflector, good for fashion and beauty. Works only with a center mount for strobes or LED, but is too small to get the universal mount in there.

​Parabolix 25 (64CM)

Slightly softer than the 20, very similar to a deep beauty dish

Parabolix 30 (76CM)

​Great for beauty and fashion, versatile light as it can be hard and punchy, or when flooded becomes soft and glowy

Parabolix 35D (89CM)

​35" wide and 25" Deep - it's a perfect mid-size reflector that is great for beauty.

Parabolix 40 (102CM)

Great all around light - It gives strong specular punch for beauty shots, while providing a large and even coverage for fashion.

​Parabolix 45 (114CM)

favorite for beauty work, portraits, or interviews. This reflector creates a large, rich beauty light that is great for closeups as well as full body shots.

Parabolix 55 (140CM)

It provides an amazingly rich and beautiful soft light, with gorgeous contrast and detail. Designed to give wide light coverage with perfect wrap, while still being very portable and fast.

Parabolix 65 (165CM)

Provides the greatest amount of light coverage with the widest spread. Although it is designed as a soft light, it still provides an incredible amount of punch and contrast when fully focused

Many Options for fixtures

Parabolix Umbrellas & LEDs Are Here




Aputure / Nanlux


Various options here - limited to six pounds max.

Omni LED


5500K Daylight - dimmable / DMX


Profoto Basket Mount

Full Color / DMX

Hudson Spider Redback LED

Works in "Corn cobb mode" or flexed out in front of the larger umbrellas. 2600K - 6000K 400W

K5600 Joker HMI

Joker Basket Mount

We have these from 400W - 1600W - the umbrellas are not rated for high heat, so - usage would be limited to the larger banks.

Profoto Strobe

Profoto Basket Mount

​Pro Heads - or the smaller heads under 6 pounds.

Broncolor Strobe

Broncolor Basket Mount

​Pulso Heads - or any head under 6 pounds


Universal Baby Pin Mount

We can really mount just about anything in there that's under six pounds and doesn't generate enough heat to shrink wrap the umbrella around the fixture....

Parabolix Umbrellas & LEDs Are Here

Hudson Spider in "Corn Cob Mode" is an excellent option as it's fully dimmable as well as has an adjustable color balance from daylight to tungsten.

Hand Sewn Fabrics And Control Grids Add Flexibility.

We stock every size:

  • 1/4 "Inner" or recessed silk

  • 1/2 Grid Nylon

  • Full Grid Nylon

  • 40 Degree Control Grid

Two Sizes Of Focus Mounts

Focus Mount PRO - is 34" long

Focus Mount PRO XL - which is 44" and better for the larger 65" Umbrella

Parabolix Umbrellas & LEDs Are Here

Come rent or check out the Parabolic Reflectors and the Omni LED at our Long Island City location.

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