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About Us

Scheimpflug is a camera and lighting rental house that sits at the very core and foundation of New York City’s independent film world. Our responsibility to our community is to make the filmmakers, producers, and photographers that trust us with their business - successful in what they are attempting to create. We provide them decades of collective knowledge, the latest technology that the industry has to offer, we make sure that these tools work perfectly, and are delivered to the right place at the right time, and when things break or there are inevitable emergencies - we respond and fix it fast. 

Scheimpflug camera package with Vintage Cooke Cinematic Lens
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Scheimpflug's Camera Rental Department is located on multiple floors of a building in Chelsea in the center of Manhattan. The space features a beautiful state of the art check out area, an extensive inventory of the latest and greatest camera eq, as well as many vintage lens options. We have all of the diagnostics equipment to service, clean, and calibrate our equipment to ensure perfect function after every shoot. We support our clients seven days a week, and generally respond to emergencies in real time when they do occur.  

Technovision anamorphic cinema lenses
Blake Farber Commercial Director


​Scheimpflug Lighting is located in a warehouse in Long Island City, and we specialize having the latest and greatest lighting rental, grip truck packages, dolly rentals, lighting repair service, and production EQ rentals. Our team has an amazing amount of collective experience, and has been in the industry a long time, but still has the fire to go above and beyond to serve our community of filmmakers.  

Photogrammetry scanners for head and body scans for VFX.
Scheimpflug's photogrammetry rigs

Flug Films operates a 3D Body and Head scanning studio and location service based in the heart of Manhattan - providing high res 3D scanning for VFX, CGI for video Games, films, and commercials. We also 3d scan props, sets, or locations using lidar and photogrammetry. We have the latest and greatest lidar scanners, and can provide 3d scanner rentals as well as training or support.  



Elvis Film Poster
Star Trek Picard Movie Poster
Prodigal Son TV Poster
Rosario Dawson Dying Light 2 Poster
Bookshelf Broadcast


Learn about our rental process and what to expect when placing an order with us.

We welcome full checkouts at our camera facility. We have state of the art checkout bays, welcoming prep techs, ample equipment, and a pretty good coffee bar at our Chelsea Location.  

Rates listed on our product pages are 1-Day Rates. We of course discount based on volume and duration, click here for more info.  

We can deliver 24/7 365 - for more information, click here.