"Asking For It" Shot by DP Jendra Jarnagin on Flug's JDC Anamorphics

DP Jendra Jarnagin's film "Asking For It" is in theaters and VOD today.

Jendra and Eamon O’Rourke the director are doing a Q&A at Cinema Village after the 10pm screenings Friday and Sat and the composer Lilah Larson is joining them Friday.

Jendra used Flug's set of JDC Anamorphic lenses. The JDC XTal Xpress lenses were used on films such Star Wars and Poltergeist and many amazing films in the 80's. The lenses are known for their wonderful flares (2x squeeze) and optical personality.

Jendra's Note -

We fell in love with the Xtal Express Anamorphic lenses for this film, and had trouble finding any that were available. I was psyched to discover Scheimpflug had a hybrid set, as well as some extreme wide angle lenses that complimented the Xtals. They are unique, special lenses with tons of character. For the film, we wanted to take the audience on a wild ride, and reflect Joey’s (played by Kiersey Clemmons) experience as things got a little surreal. The choice of lenses was a huge factor in the look and feel of this edgy stylized film."

Please check out the film, and support NYC's indie film culture.

Go check it out in the theater - tickets available on Fandango....

Scheimpflug's set of JDC's includes the JDC 35MM T1.4 / 50MM 1.4 / 85MM T1.4 / 100MM T2 We also have a Cineovision 24MM T1.4 that also fits with this set.

To check out the lenses - call us, and stop by Flug's Chelsea camera facility any time.